About Us

Breeding for......




Health . . . . .this is our number one priorty!

Although we breed to the CFA standard and show our cats competitively, health will always come first.  Our goal isn't just to breed the most beautiful example of the breed, it is also to breed the healthiest orientals we possibly can.  We want each cat or kitten to have a long, happy life.  "Beauty does not replace Health"

Harmony . . .creating confidence

Not only do genetics create the personality but their mother will be their first teacher.  We believe the key word to raising confident, happy kittens is Trust.  If the mother trusts you and other humans, she will teach her kittens to do the same.  When it's our turn to be teacher, we share our life and home with them.  We all live together as a family unit.  They have us trained, we have them trained, therefore, we all live in harmony.  They become wonderful companions for their new family or confident show cats.  As our kittens leave home we tell them to "make us proud" and always they do, never missing a beat or looking back.  

Type . . . . .elegance in motion

Nothing is more beautiful or elegant than a well bred Oriental.  From the giant flared ears to the long neck and slender muscular body . A long whippy tail and long refined legs.  A short/tight shiny coat.  A majestic straight profile. The sexy slanted eyes that are the window to their souls.   It's almost breathtaking to see them in motion or sitting as a beautiful statue.   Their unique look and type are like a work of art.