Welcome to Kat Attack !

Home of award winning CFA registered Oriental Shorthairs. 

Our home began in 1992 when I opened my heart to these wonderful intelligent creatures. A cat lover all my life, the discovery of the Oriental soon became my life's passion. I strife to breed the healthiest kittens possible, place with harmony and breed to type.
Kat Attack is now operated by myself, Linda Ahrens and Heather Copple.  We are small catteries which allows the cats and us the luxury of living together. We invest many hours in loving, caring and socialization. In return, the reward of their unconditional love brings happiness into our life and others.
These devoted felines will demand your attention, follow like a dog and surprise you by their intelligence. It does not take them long to have a well trained human to spoil them!
 Linda Ahrens & Heather Copple
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